The big boss is finally here! He waged a one-man war. He’s unstoppable. He’s over-powered. This warrior hunter deserves a spot in your great collection. The carving detail lines, shapes and coloring give it a mystical aesthetic. The top of head and wide open eyes easily emits your board’s LED glow. It’s compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. 










Design, streamline and backlighting, come together to make the soul of the Raiden, it's no surprise to see the Raiden, with its sharply deigned edges and striking lines perform that balancing act of refinement so well. Along with the V shape backlighting shines exude both grace and strength in the dark. Like before, the keycaps are made from resin and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. 

Latest Story


The Berserker V2 edition is even more defined than the last. The lines, proportions, and details have been refined. With all these improvements, the backlighting shines even better through the eyes. 


The latest from the Hot Keys Project is a collaboration with MiTo. The Bucket Head has X’s for eyes and a cheeky smile that create somewhat of a dichotomy between happiness and mystery. 


"HKP collab with MITO and T0mb3ry"
A specter is something that haunts and disturbs. It can take the form of a ghost, a disembodied spirit, or in this case, a creepy hooded figure in a gas mask. Created by the Hot Keys Project (the same folks behind the MiTo Laser artisan add-on caps), these handmade keycaps feature a durable resin body in four electric colorways. When backlit, the eyes of each Specter glow like beacons of death. Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, the keycaps will give any keyboard a twisted dark side.


Creepily crafted from resin, these Deadhead keycaps are guaranteed to put a spooky touch on your favorite keyboard. Sculpted in detail, we depict a zombie-like character with one raised eyebrow and lips sewn shut. On top, you can see the creature’s exposed brain. 

Dead Man